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Friday, November 30, 2018

Shopping in capital mall, Bhopal

Hi guys this is Ashish Ranjan back again with another blog. Today I was with Vipul again. We decided to chill in the evening so we went on to the hoshangabad road. One of the busiest roads in Bhopal. As we were moving we saw a Shopping mall called as Capital mall. It is also called as C21 mall by some local people residing by.
It was a beautiful mall. The exterior was very catchy. We went inside and what we saw was unexpected. Most of the area was empty. Like we expected a lot of shops but a lot of the shops were shut which means that it was good for any business shops if anyone wanted it to be opened. The interior was also breath taking. The lights and lamps inside were glittering.
With a light shade which was making the atmosphere really gorgeous. The crowd was good but that would definitely increase with the increase in shops there. Altogether it was a great experience for us.

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